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Pressing for Super-movement

March 30, 2008

It seems that Obama supporters are really pushing hard now to try and get superdelegates to come forward with who they are voting for in hopes of ending any mathematical possibility of Clinton getting to the magic 2025. Both candidates need the superdelegates to win, but Clinton’s only hope at this point is to push for superdelegates to reverse the decisions of the people (even if you include Michigan–without Obama on the ballot–and Florida in the popular vote). With Leahy calling for Clinton to get out of the race and people like Dean and Reid saying it will be resolved before the convention, John Kerry has joined the chorus encouraging supers to take a positions now. A few more super-supers like Richardson on the national scene, and significant backers in states still to vote (Casey for example) and I think we could see a flood gate open as voters and members of the Democratic leadership want to move on to McCain.

UPDATE: While I don’t overestimate the importance of daily tracking polls on a given day (which so many people seem to), the current trend is certainly looking favorable for Obama.

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