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Clinton’s Messaging problem

April 2, 2008

It’s never a good sign when your message shifts to–“No, some people really do want us to stay in!”

First read shows the success of Obama’s charm offensive and Clinton’s thoughts on it. A Clinton spokesman, in admitting the success of Obama’s bus tour in changing attitudes among working class voters, said that Clinton has a similar strategy, AND people don’t even want her to leave the race. Not exactly the strongest message when you’re behind especially as the last thought of the quote. From First Read:

“Clinton is running a state campaign similar to Obama’s, mixing small-scale and larger events that focus on pocketbook issues such as middle-class tax cuts and the creation of new manufacturing jobs. Her crowds are also boisterous, filled with shout-outs and standing ovations, along with signs that say ‘Don’t quit.’”

More thoughts on Clinton’s message problem coming later…

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