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Follow up to my bitter theory…

April 15, 2008

First things first, Clinton’s attack ad from PA (which strikes me as oddly script testimonials–Andrew Sullivan wasn’t impressed either):

And now the ad that I think is the perfect response. It casts the constant reply of the attacks on this as superficial and “silly season” to steal a line from one of my favorite people. I had seen video of this crowd’s response to Clinton yesterday and wanted to post it, but never thought what an effective ad it would be. Lesson for Clinton–know your audience.

Beyond the ads back and forth some interesting polls (this one being the most interesting as it shows that more people thought MORE of Obama after the Wright incident than thought less of him) have come in showing that this attack isn’t really sticking (at least in the primary). Another good one is the Quinnipiac poll. One reader commented that this will be very damaging in the general, but I’m still not sure. I know it will be used against Obama, but at the same time if it shows to be ineffective now (and in fact makes the attacker look desperate) I have to wonder how hard it will be pushed in the general. Even Rendell agrees. John Baer, of the Philadelphia Daily News writes that,

“What’s offensive to me is suggesting that small-town, working-class, gun-toting and/or religious Pennsylvanians are somehow injured by a politician’s words.

Are you kidding me?

They’re injured all right, but the injury is long-term and from lots more than “just words.”

They’ve been injured from decades of neglect by political cultures in Washington and Harrisburg driven by special interests.”

It’s also interesting to note the Real Clear Politics average has held with Obama 6-7% over Clinton nationally for the last several days and he’s only been moving up. Also, Gallup has him with his strongest leads yet.

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