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Palin’s big interview

September 11, 2008

So I have to respond to Palin’s first interview (even if ABC wants to drag it out over 24 hours and improve their ratings rather than our national dialogue).  The thing that struck me the most was the fact that she clearly didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is.  While it has changed over the years, it’s pretty simple.  Preemption.  Here’s the exchange:

GIBSON: “Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?”

PALIN: “In what respect, Charlie?”

GIBSON: “The Bush … Well, what do you interpret it to be?”

PALIN: “His world view.”

GIBSON: “No. The Bush doctrine. Annunciated in September 2002, before the Iraq war.”

PALIN: “I believe that what President Bush has attempted to do is rid this world of Islamic extremism, terrorists who are hell-bent on destroying our nation. There have been blunders along the way, though. There have been mistakes made, and with new leadership — and that’s the beauty of American elections of course, and democracy — is with new leadership comes opportunity to do things better.”

GIBSON: “The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, is we have the right of anticipatory self defense. We have the right to a preemptive strike against any country we think is going to attack us. Do you agree with that?”

PALIN: “Charlie, if there is legitimate and enough intelligence that tells us that a strike is imminent against American people, we have every right to defend our country.”

I think Andrew Sullivan pretty dead-on.  I also think Charlie Gibson’s career could ride on if this interview is a joke or serious.  So far, not bad.  My biggest comment is that I find it obnoxious that ABC can’t just show the interview in its entirety.  The priority is that they get improved ratings on 3 shows (World News Tonight,Nightline/GMA, and 20/20

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