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Live Blogging (on a Tivo delay…)

October 7, 2008

A lot of this may be superficial, but it plays into how people perceive it.

Overall, I think that this was an Obama victory, but not a landslide.  McCain never seemed senile or off his rocker, and Obama was clear and exuded confidence.  I normally think that speaking simply and clearly is vital, but in such unsettling times, I think a slightly more elaborate (and over the heads of most people–mine included) answers can be reassuring.  McCain seemed like he was trying to keep up and get a couple of good shots in, and Obama seemed like the grown up.

Not a landslide, but for McCain to really win this required far more than a tie.  McCain needs a game changer, and this wasn’t it.  One more shot, but I think it’d take more than 1 out of 3 to win.

10:26-I don’t get the talk of a second Holocaust that seem to be a Republican talking point (Palin has used it several times).  I get they are sucking up for the Jewish vote, but it seems like over the top hyperbole.  I don’t think it’s winning many votes.

10:13-Bomb Bomb Iran is NOT speaking softly.  Good point, Obama.  Obama’s position on attacking Al-Qaeda is what I think almost all Americans support.  I hope most hear that Obama isn’t saying invade.

McCain’s wandering while Obama speaks is REALLY odd.

9:49-I may be wrong, but I think McCain has referred to Obama as “that one” twice.  Not THE one, though. UPDATE: Ben Smith saw it and the Obama Camp saw it too.

9:41-Ironic McCain makes a jab about not answer questions.  Where was he during the VP debate?

9:37-McCain’s health care tax credit implements taxes on health care expenditures.  That is, for all intents and purposes, a tax increase.

9:35-When will McCain learn that laugh lines in debates where the audience can’t respond fall VERY flat.

9:33-Great moment talking about national service and sharing the burden that military families now carry alone.  Also good line to say it’s not fair to ask the teacher to tighten the belt, but not the CEO (paraphrase).

9:28-Great question about what we have to sacrifice.  McCain isn’t answering on the individual level–interesting he’s hitting defense spending.  Mentioning the overhead projector seems a little silly, but at least it’s not the bear-paternity joke.  Obama’s answer on scarifice and the lack of it after 9-11 is interesting, but it took him a bit too long to get to how individuals can help by making sacrifices.

McCain is right about exploring other energy sources.  Props for raising “tide power.”

9:23-Brokaw asked a forbidden follow up question…

9:22 McCain– “I have fought against excessive spending and outrageous.”  Want to finish that sentence?  Obama said that McCain would do exactly what he’s doing (accuse of big new spending plans).

John McCain appears to be wandering while Obama answers questions.

9:19- In response to a question about trusting either party, Obama said he understands the questioner’s cynicism.  Danger: too close to bitter.  Luckily McCain also used the “cynical” description.

9:17-Where is the money coming from to buy all these home loans?  Apparently a new idea.

9:12: I wish McCain had asked permission to call Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by their first names.  Obama’s rebuttal to the Fannie/Freddie is pretty effective.  A nice pivot to “what’s important is how this impacts you.”

McCain is promoting renegiotiating mortgages based on current values, which–I believe–was George Soros’ plan (or R. Glenn Hubbard, at Columbia Business School).

9:09: McCain shouldn’t be walking around quite so much.  It’s not fair, but his mildly awkward movements emphasizes his age (some might call it hobbling…).

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