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Stopping the Madness?

October 11, 2008

The Page, among others, is reporting that McCain was honorable today and pushed back on some of the crazier supporters who spew filth at his events (not that Obama doesn’t have crazy supporters, but they generally don’t yell death threats).

I think this is interesting for two reasons.  I’m sure the McCain camp was not happy with the stories depicting his supporters and the crowds who come out for him as angry, crazy, xenophobes, and all around terrible human beings (which the Obama camp is smartly pushing).  I’d also bet that there was some discussion within the campaign as to whether you ignore this and hope that the press talk about something else (just not the economy), or if McCain pushes back.  The obvious upside to the defending Obama approach is it recalls the days when McCain was honorable.  The downside is that this becomes another story that highlights how hateful some of his supporters are.  Clearly they risked the downside and ultimately I think it will pay off as long as the next story isn’t about McCain being honorable while sending out Palin to rally the ignorant neo-nazi portion of the base.  Though, following up on my previous post on this, McCain may have just done the right thing.

Either way, I think videos like this do not play well for McCain.

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