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More on DC Voting Rights

February 23, 2009

Maybe she is Godless (updated with link).  At the very least, she’s either spineless or has no sense of justice…

via North Carolina Senator May Vote Against D.C. Voting Rights Bill – DCist: Washington DC News, Food, Arts & Events.

North Carolina Senator May Vote Against D.C. Voting Rights Bill

We’ve been gloating about the coming Senate vote on legislation that would grant the District a voting seat in the House. Why? Because unlike in 2007, this time we’ve pretty much got the 60 votes we need to get the measure through. But “pretty much” isn’t “have,” it seems. DC Vote sent around word today that Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) may break party lines and vote against the legislation, not the sort of thing we want to hear on such a tight vote in a chamber where just getting a majority doesn’t mean much of anything. DC Vote is asking that anyone who hails from the Tar Heel State call Hagan’s office at 202-224-6342 and tell her to vote for the legislation, lest we District residents run her out of town the way only we District residents can: with furrowed brows, sharply worded letters to the editor and angry, torch-yielding mobs of course. Do the right thing, Sen. Hagan.

Sounds like Baucus and Bryd won’t be voting for it either.  Very dissapointing for two Senators I really like.  I suppose Byrd is doing it for what he sees as Constitutional reasons.

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