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Pentagon lifts media ban on photos of war dead – Los Angeles Times

February 27, 2009

Following Obama’s statement in his address to Congress that the cost of war will no longer be hidden, it’s nice to see the real cost being shown.

Courtesy of Getty Images

Image from Getty via LA Times

via Pentagon lifts media ban on photos of war dead – Los Angeles Times.

The Pentagon has decided to rescind a long-standing prohibition against press coverage of returning war dead, allowing families to say whether news organizations may photograph the arrivals, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Thursday.


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  1. benning7 permalink
    March 12, 2009 9:27 pm

    The photo of flag-draped coffins serves to remind Americans of the terrible price of war and the ultimate sacrifice made by someone’s beloved spouse, child, or parent. For this reason, some next of kin would welcome media attention. Others would prefer privacy. The choice should be theirs. During the period 1947-1949, my father (a brigadier general at the time) was in charge of the permanent disposition of more than 145,000 war dead of the European Theater, who had been laid to rest in temporary American cemeteries throughout Europe. According to the Quartermaster Corps ranking system, spouses were given first priority in the decision as to whether their loved one was to be returned home or reinterred in one of the ten permanent American cemeteries in Europe–and so on down the ladder. The ranking system served to avoid family conflicts, and in every case, the wishes of next of kin were granted.That’s how the Quartermaster Corps handled the matter after WWII, and that’s how I think it should be managed today. The wishes of the next of kin are of prime importance. My blog has more information about this matter, as does my website.
    Jean Peckham Kavale,

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