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The States of Marriage Equality

March 13, 2009

Most people know that legal challenges to Prop 8 were heard in California last week, but there are several other states that are dealing with the issue of marriage equality as well.

In Maine, the Associated Press is reporting that there seems to be a surprising amount of support for marriage equality in the State Legislature.

The author of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Maine says more than 60 legislators from both parties have signed on as co-sponsors.

Democratic Sen. Dennis Damon of Trenton said those lining up in support of his bill include representatives from Maine’s smallest towns and its largest cities.

He said many legislators sought to have their names associated with the bill, prompting leadership to open it up to unlimited sponsorship. Normally, no more than 10 lawmakers can be listed as co-sponsors of a bill.

In Vermont, lawmakers have pledged to make marriage equality a priority, and expect it to pass.  Gov. Douglas has not indicated if he would veto legislation (having said he thinks it’s unneccessary and stated his opposition, citing more pressing problems).

In Minnesota, a bill to legalize same sex marriage has been submitted and sent to  the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In a move clearly meant to undercut one of the more effective lines of attack in the Prop 8 battle (the fear that children will some how be taught to be gay in school), the Minnesota Star Tribune reports that:

“In an apparent attempt to soften some opposition, the new bill states that nothing in it “mean[s] the state of Minnesota condones homosexuality or bisexuality or any equivalent lifestyle,” or allows it to be promoted as such in the state’s public schools.”

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  1. debbie permalink
    March 13, 2009 8:19 pm

    Wouldn’t the greater power (in whatever form that might take) be so proud and happy if we were all able to just love who we love without censorship by others?
    When you are the proud parent of a gay or lesbian, what more could you want than for them to live, love, marry and have a family! Can there ever be too much love in this sad and weary world?

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