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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Reality versus Rhetoric

March 15, 2009

The idea that Karen England raises in the clip below, that the men and women who are brave enough to risk their lives for our country but not brave enough to do it with gay men or lesbians around them is absurd and seems like it’d be offensive to anyone serving.  It also ignores the fact that they already are. That was the outcome of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”–finding a way to avoid searching for and discharging gays and lesbians in the armed services if they would hide who they are.  It’s too bad that Nathaniel Frank didn’t jump in and point this out.

England does, however, make a good point when she says that DOMA needs to be addressed legislatively.  I just hope that some members of Congress grow the backbone to push for it.  While it’d be nice, we can’t rely on Obama to be the driving force behind every change we need.  Congress is an equal branch of government, so they should take on an equal role in correcting past wrongs.

Update: I meant to say that I think Frank was also very good when he addressed the word “flaunting.”  It’s a loaded word used to bring up extreme stereotypes to make being an honest and open person seem extreme.

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