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Bangor Daily News Summary of Marriage Hearings

April 23, 2009

The Bangor Daily News has a great article summing up yesterday’s hearing.  They cite the crowd as  4-to-1 in favor of marriage equality.  One particularly memorable speaker I didn’t mentioned yesterday was Robert Talbot.  From the BDN:

Robert Talbot of Bangor, an eighth-generation Mainer who served as the first executive director of the Maine Human Rights Commission, compared the fight for same-sex marriage to the civil rights movement. Talbot, who is black, described the public reaction to his marriage to a white woman more than 40 years ago. “It was wrong 40 years ago about interracial marriage, and it’s wrong now about same-sex marriage,” Talbot said as supporters cheered and rose to their feet. “The heart does not care about race, color or sexual orientation.”

The Maine State Attorney General also testified on behalf of equality.  Again, from the BDN:

Attorney General Janet Mills, in an unscheduled appearance, urged lawmakers to legalize same-sex marriage. She said that as the person charged with enforcing the state’s civil rights laws, passage of LD 1020 would make her job easier.

“People in my community do not mind if two people of the same sex live together, share property together, raise a family together,” said Mills of Farmington. “That is what we traditionally call marriage. The people of my community do care that there is enough love to nourish a marriage, enough love to grow a family, enough love to sustain a community.” Deborah Deane, a former state Senate candidate from Brewer, disagreed.

h/t to Debbie.

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