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Obama Moves on Gay Rights

June 16, 2009

So after a LOT of outrage over the last few days about a justice department memo defending DOMA, which compared same sex marriage to incest, and prominent gay supporters pulling out of a fundraiser, the Obama Administration is making an expected gesture on gay rights.  Politico is reporting that Obama will sign a memorandum tomorrow “extending health care and other benefits to gay and lesbian partners of federal employees.”

I’m sorry, but a gesture is not enough.  A memorandum giving equal rights in terms of benefits for a small subset of gay men and women should not pass as compensation for a wildly insulting and harmful memo comparing gay marriage to incest from someone who has claims to be a great champion of gay rights.  This should have been something released on any given Wednesday, not in response to an administration screw up.

I’m not well read on all of these issues yet, but will post more later–from what I know of the Justice Department brief it’s appalling.  Really difficult to believe that Obama supports it, but he hasn’t spoken against it yet which is seemingly far worse than it being released under his radar.  I don’t excuse a brief that is released without the White House knowing, but its almost understandable.  However, not responding to the outrage (or anticipating that this is an issue that should be carefully monitored) is completely unacceptable.

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