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Out of State Same Sex Marriages to be Recognized in DC

July 6, 2009

DCist reminds us that at 12:01am (less than an hour and a half away), all same sex marriages performed in other cities and states will be legally recognized in Washington, DC.  I’m honestly pretty surprised that there was no serious push in Congress to overturn this.  As many of you know, and as I’ve written before, DC laws are all subject to Congressional veto.

Later this year, the DC city council is expected to look at the possibility of legalizing same sex marriage.  It’ll be interesting, should this pass, to see if members of Congress decide to act and overturn the law then.  It seems like it’s a hard distinction to draw to say that recognizing outside marriages isn’t a threat to the “institute” of marriage, but granting them here is.  Then again, poor logic has never stopped certain members of Congress before.

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