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Small Donors Overwhelmingly Support Equality

July 16, 2009

According to initial ethics filings in Maine Stand for Marriage–the opponents of marriage equality–have raised $343,000 and Maine Freedom to Marry has raised $138,640 for the November referendum. But it’s not that simple (if you don’t want to read on, skip to the bottom–anti-equality forces have raised 3% of what equality advocates have raised from small donors).

The Portland Press Herald has the large-donor breakdown in an article today, which is fascinating.

Maine Stand for Marriage

  • National Organization for Marriage–$160,000 (NJ)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland–$100,000
  • Knights of Columbus–$50,000
  • Maine Focus on the Family (formed in Colorado)–$31,000

Maine Freedom to Marry

  • Diane Sammer, Harpsville, ME–$50,000*
  • Human Rights Campaign (DC)–$25,000
  • ACLU (DC?)–$10,000

So, without the large donors, the total funds raised are:

  • Maine Freedom to Marry–$53,640
  • Maine Stand for Marriage–$2,000

Pretty revealing.

Also interesting to note, is the fact that Maine Stand for Marriage has spent $245,629 on professional signature gatherers ALONE.

*Ms. Sammer spoke at the Maine hearings on LD 1020 in April about her partner’s death after 28 years.

h/t Debbie.

Update: Opps, looks like I missed an even more focused review of the finances over at AmericaBlog Gay.  That slightly different take revealed that only $400 came from individuals inside Maine in the effort to repeal marriage equality.


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