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Priorities Within the Church

July 24, 2009

The Lewiston Sun Journal raised a great point on their editorial page last week.  Knowing at least a few (and by that I mean a lot more than a few) Catholics who support marriage equality, I wonder if there is any push back against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine for their huge fiscal commitment to overturning same sex marriage (despite the source, as the LSJ’s Editorial Board points out).  It seems like having churches open for congregations to attend is in the interest of “defending church policy or dogma.”

I’m interested to hear, so if you know anything about any movements from inside the Catholic community, post a comment or send an email.  The Sun Journal’s Editorial is below:

Jeers to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine, which donated $100,000 to the repeal campaign for same-sex marriage, according to recent public filings. A diocese spokesperson said these funds come from a particular donor, and have been earmarked for “defending church policy or dogma.”

With parishioners mournful from plans to close two venerable churches in Lewiston, the news that the diocese has ample funding to wage political battles, but not to keep the doors of its houses of worship open for its flocks, is a bitter pill.

We respect the diocese’s commitment to this cause and its priorities of defending its values and traditions. But its steep financial commitment to a political effort — regardless of its source — should make parishioners wonder what its fiscal priorities really are.

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