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Latest in Maine Advertising

September 16, 2009

I thought I’d posted the ad released earlier this week by the Yes on 1 campaign.

The amazing thing about this ad is the number of misleading and varied statements that were fit into 30 seconds.

Churches will lose their tax status.  Check

“Homosexual marriage” will be taught in schools.  Check.

A headline attributed to the Associated Press that is not true (read: a lie).  Check.  (Thankfully, AmericaBlog and others are highlighting this)

Do those lies sound familiar?  Why don’t we jump back to the prop 8 fight and an ad with higher, but no less cheesy, production value (at least this one doesn’t look like it was filmed in Joe Bornstein’s office).

While this one doesn’t claim freedom deprived and a lifestyle forced upon adults (the Maine version still implied it’s forced on children), it does play the education and church tax status cards.

Luckily, the No on 1 campaign has already released a response ad.


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