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Education as a Rallying Cry

September 23, 2009

Stand For Marriage Maine has released a new ad (with a plea for money to run it past this week) which really focuses in on the education issue, showing two parents from Massachusetts whose child was read the King and King in class.  This is a red herring.  Yes, a teacher might read a book about gay kings in class, but it’s not mandated by law and I sincerely doubt it was part of a the “marriage cirriculum” that is going to be radically redefined.  Why?  There is no “marriage cirriculum.  Yes on 1 forces are going to try to distract and will continue to use these tactics until November.  Let’s not let these commercials with their lame ominious music distract us.  Update: Good As You has more on the teacher and the fact that this is a rehash of a Prop 8 spot.

UPDATE: Worth a comparison (again, via Good As You):

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