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Yet Another Article Calling Out Yes On 1 for Lies

September 24, 2009

Portland Press Herald (via Kennebec Journal) calls out the lies around the impact of marriage equality on education in Maine (and how there are legal difference between Maine and Massachusetts).

AUGUSTA — What may or may not be taught in Maine schools if the state’s gay-marriage law is upheld by voters is once again becoming a central issue in the fight over Question 1.

Opponents of same-sex marriage released a television ad Wednesday that features a Massachusetts couple who say their 7-year-old son was taught about gay marriage at school.

The ad says that the same thing could happen in Maine if a state law legalizing gay marriage is not overturned by voters on Nov. 3.

But the state Department of Education says that Maine standards are different from those in Massachusetts and that there are no mentions of marriage – heterosexual or homosexual – in Maine Learning Results.

“A change in the definition of marriage in Maine changes nothing in terms of what schools can and must teach,” said the department’s spokesman, David Connerty-Marin. “There is nothing in there whatsoever that deals with marriage.”

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