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Blog Round Up: Oct. 7

October 7, 2009

Blog Roundup

In an attempt to share more interesting posts, I’m going to try to post a “blog roundup” every few days to share posts that I miss.  Here’s the first of (potentially) many.

As I’ve been reading much of the coverage of Question 1 in Maine, I’ve seen some really nasty letters to the editor propagating outdated and dangerous stereotypes about gay men and women.  Good As You points out that Stand For Marriage is continuing to circulate these misguided letters on their blog.  In what is possibly the most heinous piece yet, one woman explains that she opposes same sex marriage because, essentially, all gay people get AIDS.

I love people way too much to support lifestyles that are self-destructive and deadly. Over the years, I have been asked to offer my hands to serve and tend to the needs of homosexual men who were dying of AIDS. Every case was tragic. I cleaned their commodes, brought them outside in wheelchairs, and held their hands while they were dying alone.

While I VEHEMENTLY object to everything about this letter, one might point out that by banning marriage equality, Ms. Conroy is basically ensuring any gay person who dies of ANY disease could be forced to be alone when hospital visitations are denied.  Maybe with marriage equality, she won’t be summoned to any more deathbeds (I think she’s the last person I’d want).

Good As You notices that the Stand for Marriage campaign has been phonebanking against marriage equality from the Republican Headquarters in Maine. (via AMERICAblog)

AMERICAblog has a good post up on the issues of the bill in the DC council which would grant marriage equality and make it a national issue.  Since DC isn’t trusted to control its own future, Congress may be brought into the marriage equality issue sooner rather than later.

It’s not just about marriage.  Rev. Bob Emrich, a leader at Stand for Marriage Maine, is a believer in “ex-gay” therapy.

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