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Catholic Church is to Question 1 as Mormons were to Prop 8

October 10, 2009

The Portland Press Herald has a piece out previewing the Oct. 13th financial disclosures.  The special collections in Catholic churches, as mandated by Bishop Malone, raised $86,000.  Of course, these won’t be reported by donor for those who gave cash. Anne Underwood, a founder of Catholics for Marriage Equality, notes “that there are about 198,000 Catholics in Maine, a state of 1.2 million people. ‘For the collection to only produce basically 43 cents per capita of Catholics in Maine doesn’t seem to be a ringing affirmation that Catholics are supporting the bishop’s position,’ she said.”

Apparently, the Portland diocese has also funneled another $214,550 from other Catholic churches and dioceses into the campaign.  Checks have been sent in to the Portland diocese and they will hand it over to Stand for Marriage.  Is acting as a front and a funnel to circumvent campaign finance law really acceptable?

In other marriage news from Maine:

The Bangor Daily News has a lengthy piece on the referendum which takes a slightly different take on the issue from the Washington Post piece I linked to yesterday.

The BDN also looks at the role churches are playing Question 1 and the history of marriage.

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  1. newz4i permalink
    November 6, 2009 9:01 pm

    Catholics: We Do Not Like Your Families Either.

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