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With Friends Like These…

October 14, 2009

The supporters of Yes on 1 people seem to have an ally in the “America Forever” group.  These folks, despite advocating that “if America ceases to be righteous, America will cease to be great,” presumably under the umbrella of religious beliefs, seem to be struggling with the whole love your neighbor (or Senator) thing.

For background, my mother has been leading phone banks for the No on 1 side for several weeks, several of which have taken place from the office where my parents work.  They’ve gotten some calls back from people who were out and saw the business name on their caller ID (other volunteers use their personal cell phones), but yesterday they for some reason got a fax on the topic of gay rights.  While much of the “release” is impossible to read because the fax was out of ink (honestly, who uses faxes?), here are a few key passages:

News Release: YOU! Citizen of Maine who voted in Senators Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins.

“You [are as] responsible as they are for bringing down this nation into destruction! If America ceases to be righteous, America will cease to be great!”

The fax blast then goes on to explain how they are a Roman Catholic and a Greek Orthodox, but the “endorse a Godless Homosexual Agenda.”

The rest can basically be summed up on their bizarre webpage that features a bizarre, racist and full on insane music video of The Sound of Silence” attacking Obama.

Here is the full fax:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

And as a reminder, here is what a good politicians, and more importantly good people, look like:

Representative Chellie Pingree

Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives (at the Augusta hearings on LD 1020)

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