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Endorsements, Lies, and Politics

October 17, 2009

A busy couple of days.

Attorney General Janet Mills came out hard against the lies of Stand for Marriage Maine in response to an official request from state Education Commissioner Susan Gendron (PPH coverage here).  SFMM immediately responded with more lies.

Speaking of lies from Stand for Marriage Maine, here’s their latest ad which features a teacher from the same private religious school that was featured in a previous ad (great catch over at Good As You).

Speaking more to this issue, the Bangor Daily News released an editorial endorsing No on 1 today.  What is especially great is that they echo Bill Nemitz focusing on the fact that the children of gay couples already exist in our schools.  Joe over at AMERICAblog points out that this is a traditionally conservative newspaper, which certainly makes this endorsement a bit more newsworthy (as far as newspaper endorsements go).

As for education, children are already being raised by gay couples. Those children attend our schools, and have for decades. If Sally’s two dads come to an elementary school awards night, or if Billy’s two moms come to the school concert, the relationships may become a topic of discussion at school the next day. Whether Sally’s or Billy’s same-sex parents are married or living together does not change the discussion the teacher might facilitate.

Along the same lines, those seeking to repeal the law have used the book “Who’s in a Family?” as evidence of homosexual education. The book shows families made up of a mother and father, single parents, grandparents, stepparents, husband and wife with no children — and gay and lesbian parents. “Who’s in a family?” it asks. “The people who love you most.”

Other pieces worth reading:

There was a really moving column in the Portland Press Herald today on one woman’s Catholic faith and her families views on marriage equality.

Coverage of Bishop Gene Robinson speaking in Maine.


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