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SFMM Lies Effective: Republicans and Democrats Agree

October 21, 2009

WGME has a video up from tonight’s news that features a Republican and Democratic strategists debating the question 1 campaigns.  While I think that Ethan Strimling, the Democrat, is wrong on the claim that the education-red herring caused the drop in polls (since they weren’t done by the same group), I think he’s right that the Yes on 1 side has effectively framed the debate.  Luckily No on 1 has a huge financial edge, so I’m hoping they are able to respond but also move past the issue and reframe it as an issue of individuals, not curriculum.  Our strongest arguments are the families that don’t have equal rights and who feel lesser than others.  People need to relate to this issue, and accepting the education frame doesn’t do that.  Unfortunately, Marc Mutty knows this.  I do have faith in the campaign that Jesse Connolly has run so far, and I hope they’ve got the family profile ads in the bag for the last two weeks.

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