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The “People’s Veto” Fueled by Money From a Few

October 23, 2009

More fundraising numbers are in, and Gerald at Dirigo Blue has the breakdown.  The Stand for Marriage Maine crew has raised $1.1 from the National Organization for Marriage (or for some).  NOM is also suing the state over their campaign finance laws which won’t be settled until after the election.

So to be clear, NOM is funding Stand for Marriage Maine, who is pushing the “people’s veto,” while NOM is suing the people of Maine.   Maggie Gallagher must be cackling somewhere.

Second place?  The Catholic Church giving $152,000 more for a total of $550,000, according to Joe at AMERICAblog.  As several others have pointed out, this is all while Catholic Churches are being closed.  Also, polling has shown that Catholics support the referendum (and oppose marriage equality) by only 7 points.  That means that the Catholic Church is giving obscene amounts of money while only having the support of 53-54% of it’s parishioners agree.

But wait–there’s an upside!  After this filing, total numbers tell the story:

  • No on 1 has raised money from over 20,000 donors and Yes on 1 has raised their money from 710 donors.
  • In the last fundraising period, No on 1 has raised funds from 4722 people and Yes on 1 from 310 people.

Real people are behind No on 1, and giant advocacy groups lead by people like Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown are behind the push to take equality AWAY from people across the country.

So what do we do? Donate or call (trainings are starting next week).

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