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My Letter to Maggie, Marc, Brian and the Bishop on Education

October 24, 2009

No on 1 is in a bit of a tough place right now.  Stand for Marriage Maine is making claims that if the law is upheld, curriculum in Maine schools will change, despite the fact that the law has nothing to do with education.  Their logic is this: This bill does not specifically prohibit the teaching of same sex marriage, so it shouldn’t stand. Here’s a reality check–every other law in the state of Maine does not specifically prohibit the teaching of same sex marriage.  By their logic, we should be overturning every law, I guess.

But here is where No on 1 is challenged.  They have done a great job of saying this isn’t the case for reasons XYZ.  Unfortunately, No on 1 can’t go deep in addressing these tactics because it allows SFMM to control the debate and distracts from the real issue.  So, I wrote a letter that I’m sure will never be read by Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Marc Mutty, or Bishop Malone.

Dear Ms. Gallagher, Mr. Brown, Mr. Mutty and Bishop Malone,

Throughout the last few months, you have either financially supported, or actually spoken, claims that LD 1020 will impact what kids are taught in school.  In fact, you often invoke kindergartners.  Since this campaign isn’t about education policy, your opponents have–very rightfully–only responded by refuting the facts of the case.

So, without in any way admitting that LD 1020 has anything to do with education, I’d like to go down that road for a moment.

If this bill did in fact require that same sex marriages be discussed in classrooms (even kindergartners!), what is the fallout that you so oppose?

You invoke this vague threat without saying why it is bad.  Since you’re not being upfront, I will be.

I think you’re trying to instill a fear that this will somehow make kids gay.  You make claims like this (second 13):

But step back and be honest for a second.  Do you, as apparently very heterosexual adults, think that someone could have taught you to be attracted to someone of the same sex?  Do you think that lifestyle would have felt right?

Schools are about teaching reality, and the reality is that same sex couples exist.  The question now is whether or not we are also able to teach that the state values all loving adult couples equally.

Teaching that same sex marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage only increases understanding and acceptance of others (which I think 90% of people agree is a positive thing).  Even if you believe that homosexuality is a sin, doesn’t it help you love the “sinner” and see them as a person and not an affliction?

You complain that people call you bigots and haters for opposing marriage equality.  I won’t speculate on that, but I can certainly say that this fear mongering is based in ignorance–your own and the ignorance you’d attribute to voters.


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