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Mutty’s Confusion

October 25, 2009

Marc Mutty has an op-ed in the Maine Sunday Telegram in response to last week’s editorial endorsement of No on 1.  Unsurprisingly, it’s convoluted and not logical.  Most oddly, he brings up the education issue again outlining the following “facts:”

• We know from other states where gay marriage has been legalized it has been taught to young children in the public schools. We know Maine already has a well-developed structure in place to advance gay issues in the schools, including the Gay Straight Alliance that operates in schools statewide and the Gay Lesbian School Education Network.

• We know the state-sanctioned Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Questioning Youth Commission has recommended we hire gay advocates in every school in the state.

• We know books and films are already used in Maine schools to talk about same-sex relationships and gay-headed families.

• We know the state Department of Education says Maine’s education code neither requires nor prevents teaching about homosexual marriage, so that door is already open.

• And we know when all these facts are presented, the backers of same-sex marriage cannot address them, so instead they call us liars and fear-mongers.

To the first statement–gay marriage may be taught in Massachusetts, but can also be taught in states that don’t allow it legally.  The two issues aren’t related.

Importantly though, you’ll note that–after the first sentence–every statement is about what is currently going on.  This really undercuts his own alarmist claims about what will happen.

To the last point, I don’t call Yes on 1 votes liars and fear mongers–just people like you, Marc.

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