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Yes on 1’s Latest Ad: False (Surprised?)

October 28, 2009

A new ad was released today by Stand for Marriage Maine.  Shockingly, Mutty and Malone have given up on the lies of the “indoctrinating our kids” line of lies.  Now they’ve moved on to the new lie that domestic partnerships and marriage are equal but have different names.  First, the ad:

Now, several have already dissected this ad (including a great analysis at Good As You).  What is interesting is that their polling must really show a failing of their disingenuous ads for them to have switch tactics so suddenly.

Their premise:  We aren’t bigots, we just want to give gays all the same rights with a different label (because their relationship couldn’t be equal to ours?).  Getting beyond the whole issue of separate but equal being unconstitutional, it’s important to point out that under Maine law, this separate creation of a “domestic partnership” is absolutely not equal to a marriage (both in rights and in spirit).  Don’t believe me?  Look at the state of Maine’s own laws, websites and exclamation mark laden warnings.  Gerald at Dirigo Blue captures the image from Maine’s website

State of Maine Disclaimer: Marriage is not equal to domestic partnerships (click to download State of Maine document)

Sorry if I’m getting a bit smarmy in my tone, but it’s getting close to that day and the dishonesty that very well may impact voters is beyond frustrating and frightening.

Donate or call (trainings are starting next week).


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