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Connolly on HuffPo

November 13, 2009

Jesse Connolly, who ran one of the best campaigns for marriage equality we’ve seen, posted reflections on Huffington Post.  The ability to look past such a tough (emotionally, not by margin) loss so soon when he invested so much shows exactly why he was such a good manager.   Definitely worth a read of the full piece.

Here’s what I do believe after some sleep and a break from the caffeine: we moved the equality ball further up the hill, not just in Maine, but everywhere else. Voters do need these conversations which we had by the tens of thousands; they do need to see real gay and lesbian couples and their children up close and personal; and they do need to be reminded that these are neighbors and soccer coaches we’re talking about, not “homosexual activists” which is the well worn handle our opponents trot out.

I’m not skirting anything here when I suggest that we need to remember that it was not long ago when we were losing in double digits, when they threw an anti-marriage equality question on a ballot in a presidential year to drive conservatives to the polls.

It may turn out to be simply this: that by moving this basic premise of equality from the sink hole of catastrophic defeat state after state, year after year, to within striking distance of a win, that we are almost to the finish line. This tide is turning and you can tell by the histrionics from our opponents, from their “gathering storm.”

It’s not fast enough for most of us, certainly not for the families who deserve the same basic protections my wife, son and I enjoy, but we’re getting close. We will learn more from Maine, we will keep making progress and we will win.

Let no one doubt — least of all our opponents — that we’re in this for the long haul, until all Maine families are treated equally. This has always been much more than another campaign. It’s about love and family and that will always be something worth fighting for.

Read the full piece here.

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