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Protesting High School Students in Maine

November 15, 2009

What do the French in Augusta and transgendered youth have in common?  The Maine Family Policy Council (MFPC) protests learning about both.

The MFPC, formerly known as the Maine Christian Civic League, is celebrating their victory in Maine not with a trip to Disney World, but by going after high schoolers.  That’s right, they are targeting a fundraiser put on by high school students who believe that it’s beneficial to learn about diversity.  Because understanding diversity “normalizes” it (they use this word to mean corrupts).

What could a high school civil rights team do that is so terrible?  They included a transgendered person in an event on diversity.  The Kennebec Journal covered the day long event which also featured presentations on growing up French in Augusta, Pakistani dance, a presentation on sign language, holistic living, Latin dance, living with autism, sexual harassment, the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Among his reasons for opposing state funds for civil rights teams, Mike Heath writes that

I reject Mr. Harnett’s [the Assistant Attorney General who oversees the states civil rights teams] views regarding the value of celebrating “multi-culturalism” in the name of civil rights.  Maine has a culture that is being undermined and devalued by people intent on redefining that traditional culture.  Mr. Harnett seems to be among that group.

Apparently learning about other cultures is undermining Maine’s culture (I guess the French in Augusta should assimilate better?)

Louise at Pam’s House Blend has more on the back story, but their “news story” below speaks for itself.  I also enjoy how they put a bullseye on the restaurant hoping their radical members will complain and intimidate the restaurant.

Again, this is all in the bizarre attempt to scare parents into thinking that their children are so impressionable that hearing about their gay or transgendered peers will make them choose to be gay or transgendered.  We need to keep calling them on this implied threat so people recognize their bizarre logic.

The League has learned that an announcement by Cony High School in Augusta says that a local family-friendly restaurant, the 99 Restaurant, will host a fundraiser Sunday morning for a so-called “Civil Rights Team,” which among other things, works to normalize homosexuality in the minds of impressionable young school children.

Many people are offended by the fact that the the fundraiser will be held at the 99 Restaurant in Augusta, a restaurant which markets itself as “family-friendly.”  The past activities of the Civil Rights Teams’ Diversity Day at Cony High School have been nothing less than outrageous, and have not only portrayed homosexual activity by minors in a positive light, but youth transgenderism as well.

According to the November 12th announcement on the Cony High School website,  the Civil Rights Team will hold the event at the 99 Restaurant (281 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME 04330-8033, (207) 623-0999) on Sunday morning, at a time usually devoted to Sunday worship (from 7:30am until 9:00am).  The event will be hosted by the faculty adviser for the Cony High Civil Rights TeamApril Fenton-Hulett.  Fenton-Hulett is also the School Board Chair for the Town of Mount Vernon, Maine and a member of the Maranacook Area Schools Committee.

The 99 Restaurants corporate officers are Brad Schiff (Executive Vice President)Jim Kiley (Regional Director), and Michelle Dean (Operations Manager).  Locally, the Augusta 99 Restaurant is run by General Manager Ken Stinchfield, (207) 848-3045.  The corporate officers and local General Manager were both contacted several days before the fundraiser with objections from the League about the event, but the restaurant both coporately and locally refused to re-consider their hosting of the homosexual youth fundraiser.

It is regrettable that a business which wishes to be known as family-friendly is allowing an event which has the potential to cause moral harm to many of our precious young people.  A real injury is done when young people, who lack knowledge and experience of the real world, give their whole-hearted trust to people in positions of authority – their teachers – who in turn give them a false opinion regarding homosexuality and practices which cause devastating spiritual and physical harm.

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