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Missing in Action: Marriage Equality Updates

December 3, 2009

I’ve been admittedly absent of late on Leave It To Seaver, but there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of news.  Here’s a recap.

  • The District of Columbia passed the first of two votes on marriage equality, as expected.
  • Polls in New Jersey aren’t looking so good.
  • New York State debated marriage equality and it sadly lost.  Towleroad has a comprehensive recap of the reactions.  Of note, here are a few responses:
    • State Senator Tom Duane,

      “Unfortunately, I think there was a contagious lack of backbone that occurred here today. And I’m angry about that and sad about that, but it was contagious. Similarly, the opposite would have meant far more votes than anyone had expected but unfortunately that wasn’t the way it went today.

    • Governor Paterson

      “I understand the anger; I understand the frustration; I understand the feeling of betrayal; and I understand the profound disappointment of those who came to Albany today thinking they could get married tomorrow. But I am also here to tell you that we are not back to square one.

      Governors don’t come to the Senate floor after losing a vote. This one does, because this is a fight that is bigger than one legislative vote. This is a civil rights issue. Marriage equality is as important as the emancipation of any group from oppression and the granting of equal rights to any community.”

    • Empire State Pride,

      It is a step forward for our democratic process in New York that a debate and vote have now occurred. Now we know where we stand, and where we need to concentrate our efforts in the future.

    • And most shockingly, the Log Cabin Republicans who had nothing but blame to share.

      “Today we share in the frustration and disappointment that the Senate did not pass the marriage equality bill. We are deeply saddened that the Democratic Conference failed to secure the votes they promised, undermining the possibility of a credible bipartisan vote of conscience on the merits of marriage equality. Winning marriage equality in New York requires the Democrats to keep their promises, and Log Cabin will continue to work to ensure that Republicans vote their conscience when that finally happens.”

  • And frankly, I don’t remotely care about State Dinner crashers or Tiger Woods.
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  1. Debbie permalink
    December 3, 2009 11:08 am

    and obama wants paterson out – why?? he seems to be much more on the correct side of marriage equality than obama!

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