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New Jersey’s Marriage Efforts

December 4, 2009

As goes New Jersey…I shutter to think.

New Jersey jokes aside, there is a bit of a crunch going on in the Garden State.  Polling has gone both ways on the public’s sentiments on marriage equality and Democrats had previously stated that it would not be put to a vote unless they had the votes for it to pass.  Governor Corzine (on his way out) has said he’ll sign the law and incoming Governor Christie has said he would veto it.

Well, now reports are indicating that it will be voted on by the Senate Judiciary Commitee on Monday with a likely floor vote on Thursday.  Garden State Equality is believes that the votes aren’t there for this to pass, as they would need all but two Democrats to vote for equality.  One democrat, Judiciary Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo, has already vowed to vote against it.  In the House it would need 41 votes, so the Democrats, who hold 48 seats, have to lose no more than 7 votes, or secure some Republican support.  Hopefully this won’t fall directly on party lines anyway.  It didn’t in Maine and did in New York.  I’m guessing that New Jersey politics are more like New York, but it’s tough telling.



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