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Christian Civic League Goes After Mitchell and EqualityMaine

December 8, 2009

I hate to promote a stunt like this, but it’s important to note that the Maine Christian Civic League (CCL) never rests.  Luckily, neither do we.

The Lincoln County News, who endorsed Yes on 1, covered the latest efforts by CCL.  Through a Freedom of Information Act, CCL requested all documents referencing conversations or meetings that Maine State Senate President Libby Mitchell had with groups who worked on the issue of marriage equality (EqualityMaine, the Maine Civil Liberties Union [MCLU] and the Human Rights Council).  One of these documents mentioned a meeting taking place tomorrow with EqualityMaine and MCLU.

In response to this meeting, CCL has tried to imply that Mitchell and representatives from these groups are up to some secret, backroom dealings.  I’m sure that any scan of conservative politicians from Maine would show a meeting at some point with CCL.  That’s what advocacy organizations do–meet and talk with policymakers.

The false indignation that CCL has summoned clearly has two intended purposes.  The first is to rally their base (and donors) against the “relentless push to undermine traditional values” (or some ridiculous talking point to that effect).

Sadly, the second target is clearly Senator Mitchell.  Sen. Mitchell is running for governor and polling shows her to be a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.  This is clearly an attempt to rally the conservative voting base against a her in the chance she receives the party’s nomination.  They will undoubtedly try to use her support of equality against her.

At this point, I don’t know enough about the candidates to say that I support one over another, but we have to be prepared for this and be ready to defend those who stood up for marriage equality (another leading candidate, Steve Rowe, is very good on civil rights issues).  As a refresher, here is Sen. Mitchell’s speech from the day the State Senate voted on LD 1020.

h/t Debbie


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