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Rev. Emrich to Run for State Legislature

December 14, 2009

Readers of Leave it to Seaver will recognize the name Rev. Emrich.  He’s one of the former leaders in the Stand for Maine Marriage crowd, and supporter of legislation in Uganda that makes “aggravated homosexuality” worthy of the death penalty (yes, previous reports that this was excluded were incorrect).

His latest incarnation?  Candidate for the Maine House of Representatives.  His next?  We can only hope it’s failed political candidate.

I’ve included the email I received announcing this candidacy from Mike Hein of the Maine Christian Civic League below.

My first thought was that it’s frightening to imagine Rev. Emrich in a position of power.  My second was a bit more reassuring.  As a minister, Emrich is already in a position of power.  He speaks to congregants with a moral authority that is tough to challenge.  Now, he’s in a position of power that is more acceptable to question.  As a minister, he could play the victim.  As a politician, he is expected to be questioned, profiled and held responsible for his positions.  I think a little sunshine on his beliefs might be just what it takes to reveal him for what he is: a bigot and a bully.

Let me be clear though–I say that of a man and his policy positions, not a minister and his religious beliefs.  Welcome to the role of public figure.

Last Wednesday, December 9th, in the Aroostook (County) Watchmen radio program (, at minute 48, Emrich announces his decision to run for the State Representative seat House Minority Leader Josh Tardy currently holds (District 25, which encompasses Newport — where Tardy lives — and Plymouth — where Emrich lives).

Emrich’s interview starts at minute 25 and lasts through minute 57.  Emrich and the hosts (one of whom, Steve Martin, serves on the Maine GOP State Committee — are sharply critical of the Maine Republican Party at several points in the interview.

Emrich briefly mentions his Ugandan missions trip and the pending Ugandan homosexual legislation in minute 53.  Two days later, further comments on this topic through his Maine Jeremiah Project would lead to controversy for Emrich:

Mike Hein

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