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Maine Christian Civic League’s Hypocrisy

December 15, 2009

Recently, Mike Hein of the Maine Christian Civic League attempted to put a conservative bullseye on Maine Senate President Libby Mitchell, EqualityMaine, and the Maine Civil Liberties Union.  In mock outrage, he claimed they were having secret closed door meetings, implying that something malicious was underway.

Well, I found myself in a completely unsolicited email exchange with Hein the next morning.  So, I asked the obvious question:

Good morning, Mr. Hein.

I’m writing to inquire whether you, or representatives of the Christian Civic League of Maine, meet with legislators in Augusta or with candidates for statewide or national office.

Thank you in advance for your response.



I got the response I expected:


Our lobbyists, Tim Russell and, more recently, Mike Heath, have, in the past, met with legislators. Neither are employed by our ministry any longer. I’ve personally never done so, in any capacity.

We’ve never been opposed, however, to having those meetings be public. I could not speak for the legislators, though, and their preferences. We have nothing to hide in that regard.

Since MCCL believes in open meetings, I would assume they would make their meetings as accessible as possible and leave it up to policymakers to turn away the public.  My obvious follow up:

Thank you for your response. Do you post your lobbyist’s meeting schedules anywhere online so that the public can attend?



No response after two days (after prompt initial replies). I sent this polite follow up:

Hi Mike,

I wanted to follow up one more time to see if you posted your lobbyist’s meetings anywhere online so the public can attend.

Thank you,


Still no response.  Interesting choice.

I look forward to invitations to any meetings with candidate-Rev. Emrich and Mike Hein, and Representative Rev. Emrich, should he be elected.

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