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Publicizing the Enemy

January 11, 2010

If this doesn’t make your stomach churn, I can’t imagine what would.  Scott Lively is one of the advocates of “ex-gay therapy,” and anti-gay advocate, and an author who blames the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide on gay men and lesbians.  He’s also a leading American behind the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill that would put some gays to death and imprison those who do not report people they know to be gay to the police.

Here’s the good news.  The more people that hear this sort of hate speech, the harder it is to claim that this is not hate.  Give me someone who is opposed to gay rights (and not a complete wackjob like Lively), show them footage of his claims and see what their reaction is.  When these stereotypes and scare tactics are enunciated and shown the light of day, I think the majority will side with us.  I can’t and won’t imagine a world where that isn’t the case.

More at Towleroad and original reporting at Box Turtle Bulletin


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