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Prop 8 Round Up: Day 3

January 13, 2010

A round up of today’s Prop 8 news:

  • Prop 8 defenders argue that Will & Grace and Brokeback Mountain means gay people don’t face discrimination.  Does Jesus Christ Superstar mean that Christians never face discrimination?
  • President Obama was invoked as proof you can be opposed to marriage equality and not have animosity for gay couples.  That and more on the first part of today’s trial here.
  • Karen Ocamb has a transcript from a press conference that explains why the history of the gay rights movement and the history of marriage matter to this case.  More on the difference between rational basis and strict scrutiny can be found in a guest post from a while back.  From the press conference:
  • On the history of discrimination – and I’m going to let Ted talk about the history of marriage – the most obvious relevance on the history of discrimination is that when a court decides whether a group of people who are seeking to have the court apply a high standard of review to discrimination against them should get that high standard of review – sometimes called strict scrutiny.

    The court considers as one of the most important factors whether there’s been a history of discrimination against them and whether that history has in any way hampered their ability to represent themselves in the political process. So in a large part today – that’s what Professor Chauncey’s testimony was about.

  • Newsweek is running two pieces on marriage equality.  The news piece and a piece written by Ted Olson.
  • David Boies and Ted Olson appeared last night on The Rachel Maddow Show.  Worth a watch:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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