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Daily Prop 8 Update: The Not-So Silent Partner (The Mormons)

January 20, 2010

Not that anyone doubted it, but the Mormon Church played an integral role in the Prop 8 battle.  Interestingly, they wanted it to remain secret.  Julia Rosen writes:

…from a document between the LDS Church and the campaign:

“With respect to Prop. 8 campaign, key talking points will come from campaign, but cautious, strategic, not to take the lead so as to provide plausible deniability or respectable distance so as not to show that church is directly involved.”

Get that? The LDS Church intentionally worked to hide behind the scenes to disguise their involvement in the public realm. The LDS Church is well aware that the general public does not have the most favorable opinion of them. Attention on their involvement could have hurt their cause, namely passing Prop 8.

She also catches the moment in court when the defendants tried to suppress this document:

Pugno: Objects because document will be revealing.

Judge: Not to make light of this, but the reason people want to produce documents is that they are revealing.

Boutrous: It’s from an outsider to the core group. We are attempting to show the level of coordination with groups that Protect Marriage says were not even affiliated with the campaign.

In other Prop 8 news:

  • Ryan Kendall gave an emotional testimony speaking to his failed forced conversion therapy and the discrimination he faced.  Lisa Keen has more on this.
  • And on a slightly more entertaining note, is suing the Courage Campaign to stop their satirical use of their logo and a judge refused a temporary restraining order.  The best part:

    We continue to be entertained by the Prop 8 attorneys simultaneously admitting that the two images of gay parents and straight parents are “substantially indistinguishable,” and yet failing to grasp that that the difference between the logos illuminates the core difference between their views and ours.

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