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Blog Round Up: January 26

January 26, 2010

  • Yes, that is an image of the World Trade Center.  Take a guess who is using it in their video to explain why God hates Lady Gaga?  Naturally it’s the Westboro Baptist Church.  We’d heard the lyrics, but here is the music video.
  • Joy Behar (in my opinion) makes an incredibly outdated and stupid generalization.  I mean, really.  I wouldn’t dream of generalizing about all straight relationships, so why would you generalize about all gay couples (even if you insert the disclaimer you might be wrong).  Damage done, which is especially harmful from such a strong ally.
  • Advocates of Prop 8 call their first witness.  Colossal testimony fail.  Lisa Keen reports:

    Using a trial procedure known as voir dire, Boies formally challenged Miller’s credentials, showing, among other things, that Miller has to his credit only one peer-reviewed journal article on the topic and was so unfamiliar with the gay movement that he did not know what the Mattachine Society was. The peer-reviewed article was in a French journal of American studies. The Mattachine Society was one of the earliest gay political groups in the country.

    Miller acknowledged that he was “not an expert on the full history of the gay and lesbian rights movement,” but said he had “read about it.” But when Boies pressed him on what books he had read, Miller could not confirm having read any notable histories. When Miller suggested his “deeper knowledge” of the movement was from the mid-1970s on, Boies quizzed him about two of the first openly gay people elected to office—Elaine Noble in 1975 and Allan Spear in 1976—neither of whom he knew.

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