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Duncan on Don’t Ask

February 3, 2010
Rep. Duncan Hunter was interviewed on NPR explaining his opposition to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  The thing that no opponent has made clear is how there is a new danger posed to straight soldiers by the repeal when it’s universally acknowledged they are already serving with gay men and women.  Th commonly made argument that shared bunks and showers would make them targets of sexual attacks.  Allowing soldiers to serve openly won’t turn them into rapists.  And if you don’t think they are implying rape, please tell me why they use the terminology “forced intimacy” instead of close quarters, or serving together 24/7, or any other host of descriptions that aren’t so unnatural and such loaded terms.I’ve removed the audio embed because it is causing the site to have formatting issues.  Audio available here.

Key Q&A:

BLOCK: But Congressman Hunter, wouldnt you agree that there are gays and lesbians serving in the military right now, they just are not open about their orientation. So the problems that you raise presumably would be problems already. They are in the barracks already. They are in the showers already.

Rep. HUNTER: No, but they arent open about it, like you just said. Its like if you want to work for NPR, you dont go to work and on the first day
say, hey, I want everybody to know that Im gay. You probably dont care one way or the other as long as they, you know, get their particular job done. I think the military is the same way. Thats why dont ask, dont tell works.

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