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Young America’s Foundation on CPAC and Gay Rights

February 20, 2010

When someone starts off condemning CPAC, the annual meeting of the American Conservative Union, for being too far left, you can expect a YouTube worthy clip is coming.

Over the past week I’ve done a fair bit of complaining about CPAC, but  I haven’t really brought it here.  The fact that the meeting is a few blocks away from my apartment and I have to see NRA and YAF bags wandering the metro station is a rather disconcerting (and makes you wonder what the NRA folks put IN those bags).  But here’s what is really bugging me–there are so many young people at this meeting and this year’s meeting has been controversial within the Republican party for allowing GOProud (a gay republican organization) to be a co-sponsor.  Among other reactions, Liberty University group backed out rather than sponsor the event with GOProud.

Then I saw this clip posted by Media Matters showing Ryan Sorba, of the Young America’s Foundation (YAF).  He is exactly what I picture when I think of YAF or the average CPAC attendee.  YAF was active on my college campus, so I’ve seen just how radical they can be.

However, based on the reaction he gets for what I assumed was the typical attendee’s beliefs, it’s reassuring to see he’s apparently out of the mainstream at an event attended by some of the most extreme conservatives.  While many there would surely agree on marriage, it’s interesting to see they don’t agree with this argument that being gay goes against human nature (I do love that as he’s screaming over a booing crowd he trying to talk about how humans are naturally rational).  His demeanor is completely douche-y and he makes a great poster boy for everything wrong with the right.  Worth a watch.

A bit more tension on gay rights and GOProud’s disagreement with the National Organization for Marriage at Religion Dispatches.  Essentially, NOM announced they would try to stop pro-marriage equality Republicans and got called  a “pansy” by GOProud.

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