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Rep. King Justifies a Terrorist (Because He’s on the Right)

February 25, 2010

Beyond appalling.

Rep. Steve King seems to be sympathizing with the Texas IRS terrorist.  I wonder if he spoke this way about Timothy McVeigh?  Would he tolerate someone talking about the 9/11 terrorists and saying, “Well, no one likes US soldiers in Saudi Arabia.”  Or, “You know, a lot of people think women shouldn’t have equal rights to men.”

It’s mindboggling to me that in this era of the Tea Party, people like Scott Brown and Steve King aren’t being booed off their soapboxes.  If you want transparency and accountability (Sen. Brown’s words), flying a plane into a building is NOT the solution and it’s not a justifiable reaction.  This is why the tea party movement scares me–none of their leaders are checking the crazy, irrational rage.

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