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Catholic Charities Continues Campaign Against Equality

March 2, 2010

At least this time the victims aren’t children in crisis.  Employees of Catholic Charities in DC were told yesterday that beginning today their health care coverage plan will no longer be offered to the spouses of new employees or extended to spouses of existing employees.  So charitable, right?

From the Washington Post

Staff members at the charity were not given advance notice of the new policy and will not be able to add a spouse now because the most recent open enrollment period ended in November.

Those who use their health benefits to cover spouses will be grandfathered into the new policy.

Especially disgusting given that, other than issues around abortion, the Catholic Church has been an ally for expanding access to health care.  I hope that Edward J. Orzechowski, the president of Catholic Charities has to look in to the eyes of sick spouses, gay or straight, of employees he just used as a tool in a larger political fight.

Here is their main phone line if you have any thoughts you’d like to share…202-772-4300.


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