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Maddow and Rep. Frank on Anti-Bullying and Health Reform

March 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow had Rep. Barney Frank on her show last night to discuss the outcome of health reform.  Considering the epidemic of cyber-bullying and recent court ruling in California, Rep. Frank’s point about the message sent by the homophobic remarks from tea partiers, and how well they were received by the crowd were troubling.  Frank points out the disconnect between a unanimous bipartisan vote in Massachusetts for an anti-bullying bill and the tone of our national debate.  The Massachusetts bill was passed in part because of the suicides of  Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, 11, and Phoebe Prince, 15.

The whole segment is worth a watch here–Maddow concisely discusses what reform means (and when) and nails the new politics around health reform.

ht George

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