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Are Some Catholic Leaders Learning a Lesson?

May 17, 2010

Last week it was reported that a Catholic school in Hingham, Massachusetts had withdrawn an admissions offer for an 8-year-old child because his parents were lesbians.  The school withdrew the offer after realizing the boy’s parents were both women, citing the family as being “in discord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”  The child’s mother summed it up well,

“I’m accustomed to discrimination, I suppose, at my age and my experience as a gay woman, but I didn’t expect it against my child.”

Now it appears that the Boston Archdiocese is distancing itself from the school’s position.

Spokesman Terry Donilon said the archdiocese has no prohibition against same-sex couples sending their children to Catholic schools.

Further, it has drawn the attention of state Representative Garrett J. Bradley.  Bradley commented to the Globe:

“These parents thought enough of St. Paul’s to want to send their child there; St. Paul’s thought enough of their child to admit him. For the school to then discriminate against him and withdraw his acceptance because of his parents’ sexual orientation is not only inappropriate, but mind-blowing.  Shame on St. Paul’s, and shame on us as a community if we allow it.”

Here’s hoping that once the Archdiocese has reviewed the case they’ll say not just say it’s not their policy, but they’ll say it’s wrong.

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