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Portland Maine is 3rd ‘Gayest’ City

July 22, 2010

I posted yesterday at AMERICAblog Gay about an article on The Daily Beast ranking the 20 “gayest” cities, based on the number of same sex couples that reside compared to the total population.  Portland, Maine was ranked third (the Oregon one was number eight).  The authors of the study also take an interesting look at the “chicken or the egg” question of LGBT populations and economic prosperity.

As Gates and I have pointed out elsewhere, the presence of LGBT people isn’t a sufficient condition for wealth creation in and of itself; gay men and lesbians are no more sophisticated, economically productive, innovative, or entrepreneurial than any other group on average. But places that attract gay people and lesbians tend to have the same open-minded attitudes and business styles that foster innovation. A visible LGBT community is the proverbial “canary in the coal mine,” signaling openness to new ideas, new business models, and diverse and different thinking kinds of people—precisely the characteristics of a local ecosystem that can attract cutting-edge entrepreneurs and mobilize new companies.

It’s not a perfect study, but it’s still interesting.

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