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Blog Roundup: July 28

July 29, 2010

After a long weekend vacation, I’m back with a few updates from the last week.

  • Democrats are divided on whether the DREAM Act, mentioned in my last post, should be pushed independently of comprehensive immigration reform.  Given that it has been cosponsored by republicans in the past, it’s much more likely to pass than other immigration reform efforts, however some democrats fear splitting off a popular piece of immigration reform could hurt the chances of a broader reform bill.

    “The Congressional Hispanic Caucus doesn’t want us to take one piece, a piece that might be appealing, and leaving the undocumented behind,” Pelosi said at Netroots. She said that’s her sentiment. “If we take off rosier pieces of it, the thought is that it would diminish the prospect for comprehensive immigration reform.”

  • John at AMERICAblog Gay once again points out the inconsistency (and inaccuracy) in the argument that the Obama Administration must defend laws it finds unconstitutional.  It’s an important fact check on the claim the administration doesn’t have a choice when it comes to defending DOMA that is too often overlooked by the mainstream press.  Kerry Eleveld at The Advocate also reports that Steve Hildebrand, who served as a top advisor on the Obama campaign doesn’t understand why the administration continues to defend DOMA.
  • Florida Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum described his opposition to allowing gay parents to adopt, the question of whether no parent is better than gay parents (“I don’t believe the gay family model is good for the kids”).  Meanwhile, new research once again confirms that gay parents are just as good as any other parents and goes so far as to call for an end to bans on gay couples adopting.
  • Following their action in Las Vegas last week, GetEQUAL staged another protest in the rotunda of the US Capitol today, calling on Speaker Pelosi to push forward on a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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